Call for Papers International Journal for Academic Development

Het tijdschrift International Journal for Academic Development doet een oproep voor het inzenden van manuscripten voor enkele special issues.
Submit your research to one of three forthcoming special issues for International Journal for Academic Development
We are delighted to present three new special issue calls for papers for International Journal for Academic Development.

Social networks and informal learning: implications for academic development

Learning is predominantly considered a social process, academics learn about their practice in more informal social settings, through their social networks and when sharing day-to-day experiences with colleagues. The purpose of this Special Issue is to highlight how academic development can benefit from including perspectives on social networks and informal learning processes into our current practices.
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Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching: implications for academic development

This issue seeks to explore the range of opportunities and challenges for academic developers that arise from students working as partners in learning and teaching.
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Beyond learning and teaching: extending the frontiers of academic development

While learning and teaching are seen as the heart of academic development, developers’ activities around the world vary greatly, yet when academic development teams branch out into new areas, they may find a relative shortage of empirical research in a higher education setting. Contributions to this Special Issue will seek to fill in some of these blanks and set the course for a broadened scholarship of academic development.
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